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You are here, because you would like to have a child with your partner. You have been examined in the course of the infertility treatment, and you were surprised to hear that there is a problem.

There is no need to panic, you are not alone. Inadequate sperm consistency is as frequently observed as type I and type II diabetes altogether. Men’s fertility has declined in the last 100 years, especially in the last 50 years due to the environmental and lifestyle changes which characterize the modern world.

It is not your fault.

In the seventies, the normal sperm number was 100 million/ml according to most laboratories. This data was calculated from the average population between 25 and 35 years of age.

This value is 15 million/mL today!

Numerous studies examined these changes in the last decades. M. Rolland published his research data in 2012, in the journal of Human Reproduction: he and his colleagues have studied the French population for 17 years, and during this period the sperm number was reduced with one third. This means, that a 1.9% yearly reduction was observed.
Several studies showed that since the fifties there has been a 50% average sperm number reduction in Europe. These are shocking data, but we have worse news: the healthy sperm rates have decreased more significantly.

WHO has overwritten the standard values five times. Firstly in 1980, when normal sperm shape rate must have been above 80.5%. The value has been reduced in 1987 to be above 50%, in 1972 to be above 30%, in 1999 again to be above 14%. Last time, in 2010 the normal value was set to be above 4%, adding that if the rate of morphologically intact sperms is under 15%, it can reduce the ability of fertilization.

What is the cause?

First of all, we have to calm you down: this is not your fault.

There are a lot of causes, that you are not responsible for. One of the most important causes is the background radiation increase – for example the effects of the Chernobyl accident are still present. The situation is critical in Scandinavia where men’s fertility disorder is a lot more frequent.

Another main cause of infertility is the usage of chemicals. DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) is an insecticide which was used for decades in Europe (It was synthetized by Paul Müller in 1874, who was awarded the Nobel Prize, as this was the first effective insecticide). Tons of insecticides were poured into the soil while they know nothing about the late consequences. Now we know that it’s a weak testosterone-receptor antagonist which reduces the formation of sperms. DTT is an indestructible compound that is absorbed by plants and remains in the soil for decades. In 2004 the use of DTT was banned in most countries, however the production has not been prohibited, so 3-4000 tons of insecticide is released to the environment. It is said that DTT led to the extinction of several species too. And this is only one of the chemicals against which we are powerless. Toxic substances may enter our body by air, food or clear water.


Oxidative stress is not related to the stress affecting us in a traffic jam in the morning or at our workplace. This process occurs in the cells damaging our body on a molecular level. In case of harmful factors – from background radiation to air pollution – free radicals enter or are formed in our body. These free radicals have strong oxidizing effects, react faster with enzymes or molecules than the useful molecules of the human organism. Therefore, they have a detrimental effect on the normal functioning of our cells. These effects are detectable – lot of studies have shown that sperms of men with damaged fertility contain a big amount of these substances.

Cell division is also damaged by the effects of oxidative stress. Thus, the number and primarily the structure of perms deteriorates. Few and abnormal sperms are formed.

This effect could be avoided by antioxidants!

Molecules called antioxidants are free radicals scavengers, they neutralize them before the free radicals produce their harmful effects.

Unfortunately, the situation is not so easy. Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant. At very high dosages this vitamin – because of its other effects – can damage the formation of sperms.

That’s why there is a huge need for a combination of different antioxidants and microelements playing crucial role in sperm formation, with a concentration of optimal effect. Using the data of scientific researches, we created the Valeofert capsule for you.